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Short comings that inhibit and arrest our crusade against Tuberculosis

» Small Spaced Centres

Hence over crowding,

» Corpus
  Not yet adequate to meet even administrative expenses.
» Donations
Not at all compassionate due to global recession or even otherwise with the no. of TB patients. Major donations are diverted to Natural Calamities.
» Rate of Interest
  Has made the generic NGO's position very miserable.
» Rate of Interest
  Has made the generic NGO's position very miserable.
» Cost of drugs
  Always going up.
» No. of TB patients
  More than a thousand any year.
» Unstable Staff
  A very big problem. Our hard training goes waste when our staff find other higher paying jobs.

When a TB patient goes to a doctor's clinic what does the doctor need? Only his clinical skill (doctor's knowledge). But when TB patients come in masses to our centre what does A.M. R.S. need?

Please help us in converting - sign to + sign
- A special & adequately equipped centre with latest devices for investigation.
+ Best medical brains.
+ Sympathetic social hands.
+ Best working staff.
- Everflowing funds
+ Facilities for updating clinical skills of our panel doctors.
+ Permanent record keeping.
+ Creating public awareness.
+ Educating the patient individually or in groups in their language.
+ A tracing team for defaulters.
+ Steps for prevention & spread of TB.

Full support from the health authorities Municipal/Govt. for helping them to solve the nation's biggest health problem.

+ An able management team to monitor all these in collective way.
If the gaps are filled up, we aspire for
A unique one that caters to the needs of the poor & rich. The one that nurtures "PRAN" of a withered human being to blossom into a rose.

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