From the Desk of President....
Dear friends,
Over last 39 years with blessings of like minded people like you, we have ventured into various projects like - TB, asthma and other respiratory disease management, senior citizen activities, rural camps
etc. through our chain of centers and our team of excellent medical experts. You all have witnessed us growing from seed to plant to blossom into a very large family. So many new members are part of our
big family now; we have young blood as well as experienced senior citizens with us. Over years after treating more than 50,000 patients of TB and 10,000 patients of 2nd and 3rd stage TB, after doing regular rural camps, we now seek your blessings for bigger projects.
Your continuous encouragements has given us strength to work at three projects

  1. Rural health care centre at susupada, a village of Vasai, which Ashwinikumar is looking after for last so many years. We have sensed the requirement of a health centre for a while now and with the support of Indian Ladies Group of Antwerp, we are in short time coming out with 10 bedded day care centre. It will have facilities like operation theatre for day care surgery, consulting departments like Gynec, Eye, Skin, Orthopedic, Senior Citizens etc.
  2. We believe that health requires a holistic approach and health is not just absence of disease. To look after mind and soul, we wish to develop a recreation garden at Borivli (East). It is going to be an acre of land with garden and jogging track. It will have state of the art rehabilitation area. We wish to carry out senior citizen meet and yoga pranayam classes there. We also wish to have a good physiotherapy department to offer early recovery.
  3. We are also looking at developing a 100 bedded hospital around western suburbs. It will provide a basic health care at subsidized cost and also look after research in the field of respiratory diseases. The budget for the project will be 10 Cr. for the building with the land and 10 Cr. more for the equipments and other infrastructure. The total cost being Rs. 20 Cr.
We solicit your kind contribution for the noble cause. We need your guidance, experience, intellect and generous donations. We invite the philanthropic people to come forward and join our hands.
The list of donors who contribute more than Rs. 50,000/- will be displayed permanently at the hospital with their permission.
Donors can also contribute for a complete department, indoor rooms, operating theaters, wards and other facilities, to be named as per their desire.
Every penny of your contribution will go in a very long way to relieve the human suffering. I am sure you will once again back us and your contributions will be a major milestone in the history.

Dr. C. K. Vora