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TB kills nearly three million people each year, youth and women in the world. Every ten seconds somebody dies of TB.

80% of TB patients are in the most economically productive years of their lives.TB sends many self-sustaining families into poverty. If this bread winner of a family is not properly diagnosed or treated, patient will lose, on average, a full year of work.Not only that but patient will spread this disease on an average to 15 other people including his own family in just 1 year.According to our research the chances of infection spreading to childeren is 22 %

Your contribution by your active association with this organization would further help still many more patients.

Donations to A.M.R.S. can give you benefits of Income Tax

50 % Tax Benefit under 80G

A.M.R.S. can Receive any Foreign Donation under
Foreign Contribution Regulation Act

An Appeal

Dear Reader,

We have been working as Karm Yogis for public health care at Grass root level for 33 years. We have always cared for the people with the quality services, strictly as per scientific and medical norms and needless to say with tender human touch. That should be the commitment of every worker who contributes in anyway for the beneficiaries of the organisation. He is then self blessed as ASHWIIMIKUMAR.

People have always responded whenever AMRS has come out with appeals. It is the main strength of its survival for such a herculean humanitarian task.

Keeping with the time and expected workload, the organisation once more appeals to you for.

(1) Reinforcement in its man power - Medical & Social.
(2 ) Upgradation of X-Ray machines at both its units Kandivli (East) and Sasupada, Thane.
(3) Modernisation of equipments in Pathology Lab for newer mode of investigations.
(4) Change of mobile van which has moved more than fifty thousand Kmts on rough rural roads.
(5) Upliftment of Sasupada Medical Centre (Good scope for its being full fledged service oriented medical centre in that Adivasi area).
(6) New dental unit at Kandivli and Sasupada centre - an utmost requirement.
(7) Enforcement of corpus to maintain the main running projects

(2) Rural Health Program
(3) Helping hand to senior citizens for their HealthCare.

The organisation needs and appeals for more funds, bigger space and better infrastructure.

Terms and conditions if any, are negotiable in services of "A Needy".

How you can Help
You can Contribute something like this
Donation Scheme In Rs In US $
Mera Janmadin Janseva Din (Know More) Rs.501 $ 15
Permanent Adoption of 1 T.B.Center Rs.5,00,001 $ 11,700
Adoption of 1 T.B. Center for 1 year Rs.1,25,001 $ 3,000
Life Donor Rs.1,00,001 $ 2,500
TB Patient chain adoption scheme
The sum is put in the corpus and out of the interest,
TB patients are treated one after another in chain
Rs.51001 $ 1,250
TB Patient twin adoption
Two TB patients to be treated on donors name
Rs.7501 $ 175
TB Patient adoption
Single TB Patient to be treated on donors name
Rs. 5001 $ 120
In memory of the beloved on Punyatithi, the interest of the
donation will be spent on poor patients
Rs.11111 $ 260
Old man chain adoption for his health care
(senior citizen - like TB patient scheme)
$ 350
Old man adoption for one year health care
$ 26
Provide subsidies for X-Rays & Pathological Tests
$ 235


Join A.M.R.S.for Social services.

Your Contribution to A.M.R.S. is for the patients, towards the Nation.


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